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The Dillon FI-90 is a compact affordable force indicator designed to fit all Dillon loadcells and tensiometers and standard analog measuring devices.

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Front-panel configuration--
Make easy configuration choices without opening the unit and hunting for the right dip switch. Calibrate and adjust linearity from the front panel.

Convenient size--
Approximately 2-7/8 inches high, 8-1/3 inches wide and 9 inches deep, the FI-90 Force Indicator fits easily on any table top or mounts on a vertical surface using the optional panel-mount kit.

Gross / peak key--
Switches instantly between gross and peak-hold modes. Peak-hold mode saves and displays the highest displayed reading.

Three units of measure--
User selects pounds, kilograms or newtons with a touch of the UNITS key.

Battery backup--
Information is stored and saved in memory in case of power failure.


Selectable AC or 6-volt battery operation--
Includes internal sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery, internal charger, low-battery indication, on/off (AC) switch and programmable automatic shutdown.

Battery operation--
Includes four internal D-cell alkaline batteries, low battery indication, on/off switch, and programmable automatic sleep mode. (Does not come with AC power.)

Twelve-volt DC operation--
DC power operation using a 12-volt external source 230 VAC operation.

RS-232 / 20 mA serial output--
Transmit data on request, continuously, or use the peak-hold autoprint function.

Two front-panel programmable setpoints with one user-defined remote key input. Interfaces with remote relay box.

Analog output--
Dip-switch selectable. Isolated analog output: 1-5, 4-20, 10-50 mA. 0-5, 0-10 VDC (On AC models only)

Junction box--
For summing up to four loadcells

Computer linked system--
Windows environment software gives computer control of all testing processes.

Auto-test and auto-crosshead return--
These built-in functions streamline testing. speed repetitive testing.

Sophisticated readout--
Your computer provides multiple readous of force, extensometer deflection, crosshead deflection and speed, a real time graph.

SPC software--
Intrinsic to the system. Provides numerical data on Young's Modulus, tensile strength, yield strength and other material properties.

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